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  1. I've been printing some bulk orders recently and a lot of my supports are failing and snapping, retraction settings are 6.5mm and 45mm/s. I turned down the speed of printing supports but no avail. Maybe I'm missing something? The actual print is fine aside from some overhang problems
  2. Whenever im printing with little pieces jutting out to the side or tall support they always break, is there a setting to slow down the support printing speed, or improve how these parts stick to the raft?
  3. Jeez, i have no clue how it could've gotten so high, must've switched up when I updated my firmware. Fantastic we finally got this sorted though. Thank you so much @gr5 for helping me sort this out, and staying with me through out the process. Many thanks
  4. O man I was messing around in Cura trying to find this setting, it was set to 1300 mA, I turned it down so I guess we'll see how it helps Many thanks
  5. Sorry how exactly do I check that, do I need to upload custom firmware @Torgeir?
  6. Another print failed it was going well until a small skip. The stepper shows no signs of skipping. All the marker lines up. Maybe it isn't the pulleys? It was on the y axis again, the skipping. What could be causing this if it isn't my pulleys? Or have I marked my stepper wrong @gr5 @phantom? Update So I was thinking about it and maybe it is getting to hot. The first skip is a couple hours after I shut the door and went to bed, this it had no chance to cool down, and i don't think it'd be to hard for the build plate to bring the room up to 30º. Could it be an issue with the end stops getting triggered unexpectedly?
  7. I will do this immediately, the room the printer is confined in is about the size of a dog cage, but I doubt it gets too hot as I leave the door open. Update: The screw inside the stepper seemed pretty warped, I wasn't able to tighten or loosen it, but I'm pretty positive it's tight because I cranked it yesterday, am running a test print now I guess we'll see Many thanks
  8. After trying to print something I ended up getting layer shifting in the second layer? Ask the pulleys are tight and not moving at all. Perhaps it's not a problem with the pulleys? Update: I don't know if this is a different problem but it's new, now it's not even printing the beginning layers right. It managed to print around 50 layers before issue before I pushed the pulleys, now it can hardly do three and it starts popping. @phantom
  9. @phantom I just did that, but those pulleys don't seem to be the problem as I find out from the marker test. How can I do this process on the stepper pulley? I pushed them all apart and some definitely had some space to move. Hopeful this will fix it?
  10. I have to be pushing the pulleys while tightening them? Could you elaborate on they a little more? Yeah I've been considering taking it into a local shop if I can't fix it by the end of the week. The only problem is there is one shop in my province and it's far away so I've been putting it off. Any elaboration on how to tighten the pulleys would be appreciated @phantom. I'm sure I'm tightening them the right way but I could just be doing process wrong. Many thanks
  11. @gr5, sorry it was a 2mm key, but I'm back to having the same problem now after one successful 40 hour print. I'm getting heavy y axis shifting, but this time all my pulleys are super tight, my fingers are hurting and yet it still shifts. I did as you suggested and put sharpie on all pulleys, expect the actual stepper because I don't know if I can mark that one. But I'm seeing absolutely to movent on any other pulleys. I really don't know what's going on but if it continues it's gonna cost me some clients. Many thanks gr5!
  12. Gr5, thank you very much for being patient with me, turns out my 1.5 mm hex key was really warped, preventing me from tightening the pulleys. After getting a new one and tightening the y axis stepper pulley it works just fine. Many thanks
  13. @gr5 while printing, i can easily push the head around in the y direction, but not the x. The belt stays perfectly attached to my stepper and the stepper let's me push it around anyways. It didn't seem to have the same strength to resist against my like the x axis does. Am I doing something wrong with the belts still it of the stepper getting sloppy? You can't see it in the video but when I hold the head still there is no slipping on the stepper. It just isn't strong enough to push it
  14. @gr5 I fixed the problem although I don't really know what was wrong. The stepper want moving at all then I tightened the belts and it works now. Despite tightening all the belts, it's still slipping. And I really have no idea why. I can't push the stepper belt together and can't tighten the other belts any more. The image is supposed to be a dis circle
  15. @gr5 would you mind helping me with this new issue that had presented itself? Is the stepper broken? How could it have been broken? Many thank
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