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  1. This is now sold. Thanks for checking it out.
  2. Asking $950. Includes multiple extruders. It is too clogged right now to function. The advanced printing door and some sheets of the paper are also included. I’m in Redondo Beach California. Will ship in US but not international. Send me a phone number or email I’ll share images.
  3. I am in Arizona. The printer is 15 months old (outside the warranty).
  4. Thanks for all the answers. Can I purchase the new board through my reseller? I’ve reached out and haven’t heard back yet. It is not listed on the website. I ordered the mini usb connector so I can get in that way.
  5. I tried the recover.img and it failed. The code is "Card status 0x90". I am not sure what this code means. Just to check, I grabbed an image of linux that olimex recommends and that will boot up successfully from the SD card. Is there a way to run Ultimaker from the SD card while I order a new board? (Guessing that somehow the on-board memory is fried)
  6. My Ultimaker 3 has also become a brick. Prior to these instructions I tried just plugging in the HDMI to read the errors. Bootup seems normal until this message "Article number: 236a-ffffffff". Then errors appear. " ** ext4fs_devread read error - block ** Can't read partition table on 0:0 **" Any advice on this? Just use the recovery.img as listed?
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