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  1. So in the end i just used Netfabb - it fixed the model for printing.
  2. Nice. What program did u use to create that model that fast? Amazing, thanks! I would also like to know what program you are using that shows you the unconnected elements - C4d is not showing that.
  3. This is the inside look from c4d. I attached the STL and OBJ. conjungtionhalf.stl conjungtionhalf.obj
  4. Ah can you explain what this means? How to do that in c4d? It is one object there. If i turn on Union Overlapping Volumes in Cura the empty areas are gone but then the sphere is not hollow anymore.
  5. The xray view is not showing any red parts. I tried to print it and he doesn't fill the empty spots - the print looks like the layer view.
  6. I created this model in cinema4d and the modeling looks clean and filled there, but when i print it or see it in layer view in cura i get this gaps in my model. how can i solve it?
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