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  1. Well, I think it's obvious Cura's Open File Dialog might be the most primitive implementation. It would be swell if it could show *at least* the normal set of folders that are shown in the user's native File browser (I'm in Ubuntu), including Starred folders. Furthermore, it would be even better if we could star/bookmark folders specifically within Cura itself, and see those folders on the left pane to quickly access our 3d model collections.
  2. Nod. Someday I'll get into better Blender plugin/project management, probably soon 😛 I'd like to try Fusion more, just the web version is way too slow!
  3. @GregValiant Ahh that was the issue! It was way up in the Z! Thanks, will remember that one 😉 Regarding the scale... Blender is set to 'millimeter' units, but it seems I also have the 'Unit scale' set to '10' (instead of 1), so the grid shows a better resolution for normal/printed models. However, changing this back to 1, and re-importing the above STL (it has a ~297mm z-height in Blender), then re-exporting at scale x1 (both in Scene Properties and the Export panel), still has it as very tiny in Cura. As to why, I don't know. Even if I ensure the origin is at (0,0,0), and trying to export w
  4. Hi @kmanstudios Many thanks for your effort in helping! I am using Blender 2.9 for the modeling. I did get the model to work after I applied some other modification and exported at 100x the scale. However, if I still load the original stl (attached above), and scale it up in Cura, I still don't see it. Maybe it's just an issue with Cura's lowest import setting or something. However, I *can* see the object if I scale it up to way beyond the build plate size, oddly... If I do re-export the original above at 100x scale, it shows up in Cura. I don't know why Blend
  5. Many times when I import a .stl file into Cura, it only shows its shadow on the ground. I've verified the model has good normal, and is manifold everywhere. The scale seems fine. Does anyone have any idea why this happens? Please see pictures, and the included .stl files for reference. The '1_fixed.stl' file is the same as 1.stl, but run through Netfab's STL fixer service, just to see if that would work (it doesn't). I would love to figure this out. I like Cura better than other slicers, but I often can't use it because of this problem. 1.stl 1_f
  6. Ah, post-processing script is probably sufficient! Thank you... I will look into how to do that.
  7. Heyas, Coming from PrusaSlicer, I've been using Cura for a while and love it - think it hits all the marks. However, one configuration option which I think is a necessity is the scaling of print speed as the print height grows. PrusaSlicer has this, and it's sort of a necessity in cases when a tall, thin print is nearing it's end - it will put a lot more torque on the lower layers at it prints, and risk breaking off the build plate much more easily... at the worst possible time (towards the later parts of the print). It would be awesome if it were possible to just enter
  8. Cool, thanks Preston. Well, kinda moot anymore cause that printer decided to stop working and I sent it back. Been waiting about two months for the Prusa MK3 to arrive, still on backorder :p. Cheers.
  9. Hello, I'm having an issue where my printer (BIBO2) keeps using extruder 1, even though I specify extruder 2 within Cura. I'm attaching screenshots to show where I set this. Am I missing anything? Could it be that the printer won't use extruder 2 only if extruder 1 is being used? I'm basically just trying to test extruder 2 by itself here.
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