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  1. Yes that is correct it's near the end of the spool. And when I say pulled up it actually comes off the bearings of the polybox and is pulled towards exit holes.
  2. So I have been using a 1kg spool of PLA and it keeps binding and getting pulled off the bearings of the polybox and then it starves the printer. It seems to only happen when the spool is on the lower side. Has anyone had this issue? should I weight down the spool?
  3. I am using an ultimaker 3. And I can try that.
  4. Yeah I think the one issue, is that I hate having the filament go through the top since it is such a pain to get the lid off with filament running through it.
  5. Are you saying I should use a different hole on the box? like the one through the top and have the spool feeding the other way?
  6. So I have my poly box setup like this and for some reason the PVA always wants to twist on me. I even swapped the side it runs from, but whenever it feeds it kicks to the side. It seems as if the PVA is more bound up than then nylon I am using. My old setup may have been twisting it a bit and I guess this could be the reason for it wanting to twist now. Would it be worthwhile heating up the PVA to try to de-stress it? Also has anyone thought of printing some guides for the bearings on the polybox? So even if it does want to kick to the side it can't? Thanks in advan
  7. For this to work does the filament need to exit the holes in the top of the polybox? Or could you use holes drilled into the black section on the bottom?
  8. That link isn't working for the store
  9. Thanks for the info John. What different materials are you using on each print core and what size diameter do you use for each? I have some of the CF filament that I would like to start using. https://shop3duniverse.com/collections/nylon-filament/products/3d-universe-nylon-carbon-fiber-filament-2-85mm-3-0mm-500g?tdu_s=atx
  10. So if got the UM3 Hardcore Pro core, that still doesn't have a hardened nozzle? I'm looking at the nozzles on the site, and I guess there are two types? Hardcore Pro and the Everlast right? And the the core kit comes with just the standard harcord pro nozzles and those aren't good enough for carbon fiber right? So then I need to order an everlast nozzle right? what size is best? Should I just stick with .4 because that is a good size and I have that or should I get something different? Also what do you do when the standard UM3 core nozzle wears out? http://3dsolex.com/product/um3-har
  11. Hi, quick question, if I want to print CF materials do I need to change my whole core or should I just change the nozzle on my existing ultimaker printcore
  12. Hey sorry to reopen this post, but have you had success printing the carbon fiber materials? Also is there anyway to get the stronger print nozzles now? Or do I have to wait till ultimaker comes out with some?
  13. Yeah it doesn't sound the same to me. The noise only happens when the print head is changing directions, it doesn't make the noise when travelling in a straight line.. Also I am printing with nylon, and I had been using just the glass for the first few prints, and it worked great, but now the prints aren't sticking, that is why I went to the painters tape.
  14. Now I am getting this where it looks like the nozzle is too close to the build plate, but I just went and did the manual leveling. This has only happened since I have been using blue painters tape. And help is much appreciated.
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