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  1. Thanks gr5 and Brulti. The printer is currently being serviced, which is weird given that we had it for less than a week! I will try your suggestions when we get it back. Note that we also bought the advanced printing kit and always use the front cover when printing. I think the design I was trying to print is quite complicated. It has many little islands at each cross section and thus many retractions, as gr5 suggests. Viewing this in Cura is really challenging, because it freezes all the time in layer mode. That's not my PC's problem, as any other programs I use at the same time
  2. Thanks gr5 for the reply. The model has internal horizontal structures, which I assume they need support. I can definitely try to print it without (once the hardware issues are fixed, that is). Do you think the Cura parameters are OK?
  3. Hi people, I was happy to buy an Ultimaker 3 Extended last week, with the 0.4 mm print heads. I also bought a 750 g spool of transparent Ultimaker Nylon. I use the latest Cura 3.2.1 (which is super slow on Windows 10, by the way), and also updated the printer's firmware. But since then I run into a number of issues. Firstly, I tried printing the Ultibot design that came with the provided USB stick (so, default parameters), using the supplied PLA and PVA. PVA was extruding well from the BB head, but PLA was not from the AA head. Then, I switched to nylon. This worked well with PVA. So, I d
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