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  1. Thank you for such a comprehensive answer! I read this wrong the first time and took apart the main board, looking for the PT100 chip. The good news is that all none of the joints there look dry. After reassembling all that, I took a look at the proper location, and ran into what I imagine is a really stupid problem -- I honestly don't know how to disassemble it to a point where I can reflow the solder. Here's a photo of what I'm looking at -- pulling on the wires doesn't seem to remove them.
  2. I have an Ultimaker 2 Extended, and I'm getting ER02 about the bed temp sensor. I've swapped cables as advised by the troubleshooting site, but the error doesn't switch to the nozzle sensor. Am I correct that this seems like a board issue? I really want to get this printer fixed asap. It heats up just fine, but around 90 C the reading will suddenly jump up much faster to something in the mid or high nineties, then the error. I don't believe that the bed itself is heating too fast. I did manage to get one print after troubleshooting in an unproductive circle for some hours, but after that it we
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