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  1. Yep. Extruder 1 for the main body and extruder 2 for the smaller parts (Ears, tail, feet and chest parts). I used merge to merge the two sets of objects together. It's weird because when I turn on the second extruder with both objects ungrouped, it cuts off at the ears: I did edit the ears in the model not too long ago to see if it was the size of the object, but same thing happens.
  2. Hello, O am tinkering around with a new UM3 Extended and I am trying to experiment with printing using two colors and I managed to slice a calibration Cat into two different parts to print with two colors (feet, tip of the tail, chest and ears are separate fro the body. The problem that I am having is the slicer software cutting off the top of the print when trying to use both extruders to print with. I've been trying to search online for solutions to fix this issue but no avail. I've attached a screenshot where i is cutting it off.
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