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  1. Our Bolt system also came with Simplify3D as it is the standard for bolt unit. Cura most likely can handle the specs but I couldn't find any information on how to set up the unit for IDEX configuration in Cura. Although, BCN3D Sigma IDEX printers are similar to Bolt and they have a profile for Cura. You might be able to tweak their settings and use it for the Bolt.
  2. I appreciate the response. Yes, I was trying to modify the flow in Cura in order to calibrate the tolerance of a model. Setting a new custom machine with marlin gcode worked the best in Cura. Thank you
  3. So I am new to Ultimaker and Cura software. I am using UM2+ and I need to fine-tune the flow rate (extrusion multiplier) in Cura 3.2.1. I do see it is hidden and can only be unlocked by changing the Gcode Flavour. Is there any other way to adjust/unlock the flow rate without changing other parameters? Thanks in advance,
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