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  1. 2 hours ago, gr5 said:

    Just above where all the profile settings are on the right there is a search box.  Type "fan" into there and all kinds of invisible settings will appear including initial fan speed and "regular fan speed at layer".


    Well, I'll be...there it is!  Thanks, gr5!  If, in fact, that IS your real name.  :)


    Seriously - thanks!


  2. Hi everyone!


    I have a Printrbot Simple Metal, and at the time I got it, I was using Cura 15.04 (I believe). Well, a year later and a hard drive crash and I am back to using the printer. I installed Cura 3.0, which seems to be quite a bit better than the old 15.xx version, but there's a setting I can't find. 


    I use to be able to set the cooling fan to come on only after a certain number of layers were printed, now all I see is "Cooling: On / Off".  Is there still a way to set when the fan starts cooling?





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