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  1. Great, thanks @conny_g! @tinkergnome, I am using a buildtak magnetic buildplate, which I remove after every print, and am having issues with bed adhesion. On parts of the bed the parts adhere well and on others they warp right off. I have been trying to mitigate this by recalibrating the buildplate, but often I have sections of the buildplate too close to the nozzle and others just right. Seems that the buildplate is not flat. I figured that if a bed leveling feature were there this would solve the issue. Such as
  2. Hi @SandervG, thank you for the reply and edit. The Mark2 is working great. The speed switching between heads is awesome and the new firmware is great! Only the power issue seems to be giving me concern. (could be my imagination but the LEDs seem to flicker ) I attached an image of the printer as it runs at the moment. The printer is on a shelf that I can slide in and close the door on. This leaves no space on the sides. The only space I would have is on the back if I want to attach the spool to the printer. One idea would be to similar to how the the Mark2 documentation (image below) has the second spool holder, however instead having both spools on one board vertically. Current setup Best Jesse Documentation:
  3. Hi UM Community, I thought I would share my experience upgrading an Ultimaker 2 Extended + with the Mark2 Dual Extrusion upgrade. At the end of this post I have a list of open questions. Hopefully someone can comment on them (@tinkergnome , @foehnsturm). I bought an official Extrusion upgrade kit as well as the expansion board. I followed the steps 1-6 listed at https://magnetic-tool-changer.com/step-1-getting-the-parts.html Some modifications and clarifications were needed: Step 3: To get the new stepper motor to the control board it was required to extend the stepper motor cable since this is a taller printer. I bought some JST XH 3S 4-pin connectors to make the extension cable The official extrusion upgrade kit extruder housing comes with an aluminum backplate now. So when attaching it to the feeder-mount.stl the screws needed to be countersunk to fit m3 screws under the aluminum backplate. Step 4: The m3 holes on the expansion board holder were too small had to be drilled out Step 5: It is not specifically mention which firmware to select during step 5. I selected firmware: Tinker-Mark2-extended-expansion-board-17.09.hex In addition the following needed to be modified for the extended Ultimaker: modified cura printer definition: Mark2_for_Ultimaker2.def.json "machine_height": { "default_value": 305 I also modified the backplate image and definition to include "extended" The printer would shutdown when heating both nozzles. I had to modify the power budget: total was reduced to 100W Step 6: calibration: x -13 y -5 park position: moved y only slightly to have 1mm between magnet and print head Next Steps: Build a second filament spool holder, recommendations welcome Generally organize filament Open Questions: In order to disable the second print head for single material prints, a second printer profile is used which has only one extruder? This is also how to reactivate the setting "Print Sequence One at a Time" In order to stop the Ultimaker from shutting down I had to modify the power budget. I read on the forum that some buy a larger PSU, but I cant find details. Is a 280W PSU sufficient? https://www.reichelt.de/Netzteile-Festspannung/MW-GST280A24/3/index.html?ACTION=3&LA=2&ARTICLE=171084&GROUPID=4950&artnr=MW+GST280A24&trstct=pol_0 Is there any way to get a bed leveling sensor into the Mark2 firmware? Hope this post helps someone else upgrading their Ultimaker to a Mark2 Many thanks to tinkergnome and foehnsturm for their work on the Mark2! best Jesse
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