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  1. Tried to update today using the menu and a wired connection but just get the "Checking for Updates" screen indefinitely.
  2. I'm not brave enough to try this update so I think I will wait a bit and see how it pans out.
  3. I've had real trouble with Ultimaker TPU clogging gradually on my UM3. Even with a brand new Printcore and bowden tube that has only seen TPU, I find that after a day or 2 I will get subtle underextrusion. You can't see it by eye but the parts are significantly weaker/squishier. Eventually the nozzle will clog enough that the filament jams back at the feeder A hot and cold pull will fix but only for a day or two. Any tips of preventing this? Side note, I find it annoying that the printcore doesn't preheat when unloading TPU. Half the time its too stuck in the nozzle to break free and the filament grinds and you have to throw away a few feet.
  4. Is there any fix for the Z offset plugin yet? Its very useful for me as I routinely need to make parts that have virtually no elephant foot and manually adjusting the screws back and forth is not ideal...
  5. XY Calibration also failed for me after updating, but I thought it was due to one of the nozzles being loaded with TPU. I tried it twice but haven't really had time to fully look into it.
  6. One odd thing I noticed since upgrading my UM3 is if you use the handwheel to rapidly jog the z axis during manual bed level, it no longer moves smoothy, but starts-stops-starts-stops with every revolution of the wheel.
  7. Brand new printcore seems to work fine so I guess this particular core has lost its ability to regulate the temperature correctly. The stats showed it as being hot for 20 days and printed 550m of filament. What is the typical lifespan of an AA printcore?
  8. So far I have not had any issues losing connection with Cura 4 but I had many problems with it on Cura 3.4/3.6. Very annoying as it often seemed the only way to fix it is power cycle the UM3 and reopen Cura. @gr5 There is a Reset Cura Connect option in the UM3 menu under System or Maintenance. Never really seemed to help me though.
  9. More troubleshooting: realized that it prints fine when I switched to the other nozzle so suspecting the printcore may be getting too hot somehow. I measured the resistance of thermistor and heater but it seems normal compared to the other core, at least at room temperature.
  10. My UM3 is a year old and my prints have suddenly started coming out quite bad. I print with Ultimaker nylon and use a Printdry system, I am pretty certain this is not moisture issues, plus I have tried it with a brand new spool that was just opened. I print with stock profiles and I have done hundreds of these exact parts without issue. I seem to be getting extreme drooping/melting on layers that are not even on overhangs. I suspected some kind of cooling issue but did not notice any debris or anything inhibiting the fan. Cranking the fan speed to 100% drastically helps but does not get everything back to normal. Any ideas on things to look for that may be causing this? I have attached some comparison photos for reference. The far left part is the "control" that i printed a while ago. The middle part is with cooling at 100%. The right part is with stock 40% cooling.
  11. I had this happen and the problem was I changed a printcore and manually leveled the bed considerably. Then I forgot and went back to the original print core. Didn't realize but the nozzle just pressed the glass down and printed "nothing" until the build plate got low enough to start printing normal again.
  12. Ultimaker 3 with Cura 3.4.1 Most of my printing is done "one at a time", but I often need to abort the print half way through. Problem is the build plate will only lower enough to clear what layer it is currently printing, and then the printhead will crash through all the finished parts on its way home. Is there a quick fix for this?
  13. I had to go back to 3.4.1. I seem to have the memory leak issue with 3.5.1 that made everything unusable.
  14. 3.5 seems to "work" fine for me, but it will crash every 20-30 minutes or so. No error or anything, it just closes.
  15. The NFC tags peel off easily if you heat them up. (noticed after running 70C in my PrintDry). Then you can easily store them and just slip them onto the spool holder as necessary.
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