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  1. I've just upgraded from 3.1 to 3.2.1, no problem there. When running 3.2.1 I noticed I couldn't connect to my printer (via Octoprint), the plugin wasn't installed. Pretty sure it was installed along with 3.1 but anyhow went to install it via the browse plugins UI, clicked on install, then got an error saying something along the lines of 'incorrect plugin file'. Octoprint connection wasnt available even though the plugin browser said it was installed. So decided to re-open cura just in case and got a fatal error suggesting I backup and reset the configuration, after a couple of attempts to re-open with the same error I duly did as i was told and hit 'Backup and Reset'. Now, Cura opens fine and i have the octoprint plugin installed but my printer and material configurations haven't loaded. Where will they be and how do i recover them. There doesn't seem to be an 'Import Printer Config' button anywhere and the material import doesn't take the file explorer to where any backups might be. Any suggestions please?
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