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  1. Thanks for your help. I was able to print one object. Now the nozzle seems to be clogged. I'm not sure if IT will work on this. I found directions, but seen to be lengthy and I don't want to damage the printer. Any suggests on step-by-step to clear the nozzle so the filament will run? There is plenty of filament on the roll. Many thanks.
  2. I am now receiving error messages on the printer "out of print area" after the nozzle has already begun to print. The nozzle doesn't even attempt to move toward the center of the glass.
  3. Yes it is a 2Go. I have waited for a few minutes for the nozzle to adjust, but it continues to print on the left side off of the plate. I will put the blue tape on the glass use rubbing alcohol. Thanks for answering.
  4. I have a Cura 2 to Go printer. Students are using 3 D Slash to make their objects. I have to save to disc, then take home to download in the slash program and place in Cura and then save again. My school doesn't grant permission to download from Slash or any website. Basically, I am rebuilding and downloading. The past two prints we have attempted begins the printing outside of the base plate. The filament then is on the bottom of the printer and I have to abort printing. I have a pattern and follow the directions and dimensions in Slash 3 D. Tinker Cad seems easier for the studen
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