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  1. My issue turned out to be the formatting on the SD card. The first card was corrupted and the second one wasn't formatted correctly. Reformatting solved it, but it took a lot of trouble shooting to get there. Hope that helps!
  2. Okay, so I don't think it's the gcode. I'm pretty convinced it's the SD card. Still not sure how to fix it though. I can't get any new files I put on the card to be read properly by the printer. It won't even read the original gcode test "owl pair.gcode" that came with the printer. The issue now is I can't get a new SD card to read either. I'm not sure if there is a formatting process for the card or what. Anyone have advice on this? Thanks!
  3. Hi Nicolinux, thanks for the response. I just put the .gcode into a reader, and can't see a difference. I attached an image incase someone who know more about it than me can spot a problem. The code on the left doesn't work, and the one on the right works fine. By "nothing happens" basically, I press print, and the printing screen comes on, however, nothing changes. It doesn't home or heat up. It just sits there. Then when I hit stop on the machine, it says stop command has failed. I have to manually turn of the printer in order to do anything. I'm not sure how to gen
  4. Hi, This is a software question. I've been using Cura for my Anycubic I3 mega for about 2 weeks, and it had been working fine. Today, I was trying to print a new file that I generated from Cura, and it just wouldn't print. So, I re-rote the gcode, and tried it again. nothing. It doesn't even start warming the bed or the nozzle. I tested some old gcode and it printed just fine. So, I tried testing out a different model. I downloaded a Benchy from Thingiverse, put it in Cura, exported it into gcode. still nothing. I then uninstalled Cura, and installed an updated version. I put in ne
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