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  1. With Slic3r the exact same part, with the same settings, prints right. Come on Cura-guys! The problem I described above is truly a problem in Cura. You should be interested in fixing that.
  2. It seems to me that either I am asking the wrong questions or no one is actually in this forum. Nevertheless: I change the wall thickness to 1.05 and Cura shows in layer view 6 lines for a 2.1 mm part using a 0.35mm nozzle. Results look still strange. Outer wall is sometimes missing. Anyone an idea?
  3. OK, I clicked on the! Next to wall line countc and set it back to an automatically calculated value. Then the wall thickness was unlocked. Now setting the walls thickness three times the line with brought the wall kine count back to three but now showed the right wall thickness. Print is running and we will see if that solved the problem. This post brought me on that track:
  4. Somhow the numbers do not match: line width= 0.4 wall count=3 wall thickness =0.7??? The thickness is graied out and does not seem to change when changing wall count or line width. What is wrong there. I am using current version of Cura on a mac. I
  5. All right. I investigated the phenomenon further. Every wall ofthe maze is 2.1mm wide. Line width is the same as the nozzle diameter. So we should see 6 lines in each wall but I see only 5. When Ponterface is showing the final pass for the top layer I only could see 3 lines. Something is wrong here. interesting fact: If I check “print outer walls first” (in orang) some walls stay hollow. If I uncheck it (in black) the outer lines seem to be missing in some spots. Next I will try a print with 120% scaling and see if the effect disappears.
  6. Layer Hight 0.25mm Nozzle diameter 0.35mm 3 top and bottom layers (0.7mm thickness is calculated by Cura) I also doubt under extrusion. Printed the same Maze without the maze-part and the inner bottom (in fact a big top layer) look awesome.
  7. Layer view looks good. All small walls should to be filled with 2 outer and 1 central string of plastic. According to Cura the whole wall should be solid. That is true for the closed ones (I cut into them to verify) but not for the hollow ones.
  8. Belts are tight. No other part has shown this problem. With Slic3r never had this issue. Any additional ideas?
  9. Hello everyone! I am designing a maze and I have some of the top layer areas that just do not want to close. Some Background: I am using an Orcabot 0.43 / 1.75mm filament / 0.35mm nozzle I used Slic3r and the print closed all the time but was a littel oversized Now I am using Cura version 3.2.1 on MAC I played with 5-10% flow increase I played with infill 20-30% I played with infill patters I tired different skin options All walls have the same dimensions (width is even a multiplier of the nozzle diameter) but some just won't close. These are always the same. The ones that close on the other hand look quit filled up. Also the flat triangle areas are weakly filled at the top layer. Any ideas? This are my current settings: Maze.curaprofile
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