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  1. @JCD that is almost the perfect solution. Only problem is I always have my folders arranged in 'date modified' order so that the most recent files are always at the top. Maybe I need to run a small script when staring the pc that recreates those shortcuts, so they always near the top of the list. Update : solved the position issue : changed the system time to year 2099 and then created the shortcuts. Then changed system time back to internet sync time. Now the file have a timestamp of 81 years from now, so hope at 135 years old, I'll be able to remember why they suddenly move position in the list.
  2. I like to save my Project files to a specific folder, my stl files for opening are in a different folder, and I 'Save to file' the gCode files to a third folder. Is there no way in Cura to set the defaults for these 3 locations without having to manually change every time ?
  3. think I have found the solution to this. was having the same issue with the centre point of the orbit at the back of the bed. Settings > General > Viewport Behavior > Centre Camera when item is selected. Now, after I click on the model, it orbits around that model. Works with 'Zoom towards mouse' either on or off
  4. Update : 100% quality improvement - after playing with settings for my 0.8 nozzle ( and still getting blobs, scars or both ), I decided to write the custom script, so Cura slices w\ith no retraction, and the post slicing script manually adds the retraction. my logic is that, especially with the combing, the nozzle is mostly moving over an existed printed surface, which draws out the ooze from the nozzle. So what I did, was calculate the distance between the retraction and the reprime, and adjust the reprime value relative to the distance. My retraction is 0.5mm the minimum reprime is 0.6mm ( so 0.1mm more than the retraction ) if distance is less than 4mm, then reprime only 0.5 any distance travelled between 4 and 40mm is reprimed proportionately between 0.6 and 1mm Results on the 3 prints that I did today have been very positive. it would appear, at initial glance, that the layer smoothness is also greatly improved, and I think this is related to the pressure in the heat block. If the retract is set at a single value, and there is some ooze on longer travels, then the pressure in the block will reduce, and the scar occurs. On short moves, the single reprime value is too moch, causing a blog. With a variable reprime value ( based on distance travelled ) the pressure in the block is more consistant. Maybe this is something that the Cura developers could consider adding as a feature ?
  5. Is it possible to change the default paths used to open files, save gCodes and Save Projects ? I have tried modifying the cura.cfg file in the path : C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\cura\3.2 but every time I start Cura it changes back to the windows Download path.
  6. Cura 3.2.0 question - can Cura force retraction when Combing mode is On ? Printing a hollow cylinder that has 1 inner perimeter, 1 outer perimeter, and 1 infill line between. If I enable Combing then I get a near perfect print, but some scars ( missing extrusion ) on the outer perimeter on some layers. Retraction is set for Z layer change. After seriously increasing the ' Retraction Extra Prime Amount ' I have found that the Extra Prime occurs after the layer change at the start of the inner perimeter, but there is no retraction ( and Extra Prime ) when moving from the end of the inner perimeter, to the start point of the outer perimeter. It appears that retraction is not happening unless the nozzle passes the perimeter ( which it does not do because of combing ) or when the layer changes ( which it does ). So the question is, if using Combing and ' Z seam alignment ' is Random, how do I force retraction Extra Prime to couteract the effect of ooze while moving to the start of the outer perimeter ?
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