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  1. Hi @SandervG & @gr5 I changed the heater cartridge and the printer is working perfect again! Thanks for the help
  2. I went through all these checks again and I'm going to order a new heater based on the below from @gr5 the heater was failing around 90° when i had control over it but now that it's in set up mode it's failing at a low temperature. The PT100 is measuring 110 Ohms at room temperature so that seems to be fine.
  3. Thanks guys, I'm very impressed with the speedy response on here! I'll check both of these today. @SandervG I haven't followed these tips- i followed the Heater Error tips. I'll post an update later.
  4. They insert fully- i had loosened the screw. I read somewhere on here about doing a factory reset- since I've done this I can't see a temp reading to test it as the error occurs during set-up at the material insertion phase.
  5. Hi @SandervG, Thanks for the reply and the edits to my details. I've added some pick, there was a lot of plastic to be removed so it is possible the PT100 was damaged.
  6. A large print failed leading to a mass of melted plastic around the printer head. I heated the head and removed the mass of plastic. when i reassembled the head, I keep getting a Heater Error message. The Heater is getting to about 90° before the error appears. From reading previous posts it appears the code is protecting the heater, Is there a fix for this? What parts do i need to replace? Apologies for using the wrong terminology- I'm new to this!
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