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  1. Finally, its solved! Thanks guys. This has shown the way and has lead me to http://perlstalker.vuser.org/blog/2011/12/19/setting-default-monospace-font-xfce/ My Problem was somehow in the $HOME/.fonts folder. There were some monospace fonts (.ttf and .otf) of some older Powerline installation. I just got rid of the folder and now the squares in the GCode section are gone! Powerline seems to work as before. 🙂
  2. here they are. The cura.log is just a copy of both stderr and stdout, i guess. What i forget to mention is that i tried to see the file accesses of both the user and root program run. But i couldnt find something promising with lsof so far. I also tried strace which didn't work because it makes cura freeze. But i'm not experienced with strace so i don't know if you could give some valuable information. stdout.log cura(shortened).log
  3. Hi @smartavionics, here are my settings. CFFFP_ring_255_16.3mf
  4. I almost spent two days now figuring this out, but i don't know how to fix it. The problem is i see squares instead of text in the custom g-code box. I run Cura 3.6 under ubuntu 16.4 with xfce window manager. If i start cura with admin rights i can see the text just fine. Any ideas?
  5. Cura 3.6 (and maybe earlier also) has a strange behaviour. It changes the direction of the wall in situations where it is completely unnecessary or even detrimental. There is a simple test object on thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3439448 It is like it would bounce of an invisible barrier and change the direction, which causes an ugly seam. Continuing in the same direction would absolutely be possible in this case. Slic3r for example does exactly that. No settings in Cura seem to influence it. Does anyone have how to change this behaviour?
  6. Hi there, this is a feature proposal for Cura or a wish for next christmas ?. I haven't found anything on the forum or elsewhere on the net. I think it would be really nice to have a feature in cura that is like the "variable extrusion sizing" in Simplify3D. This would be great for: small details in the print automatically select thick line width for infill or other areas where resolution is not needed, which speeds up the print better print quality at corners / tips, i.e. the tip is filled with line that is decreasing in width better pri
  7. The skin are the topmost layer, so the "skin overlap" is the overlap between the wall of these layers and their filling. The "infill overlap" is the overlap between the wall and the infill, i.e. inside the object/ below the skin. In the shell section you talk about, there is the setting for wall overlap compensation. This is for reducing the extrusion in areas where the print head has to go over twice while printing the wall. (see ttps://ultimaker.com/en/resources/20415-shell)
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