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  1. The original placement is not quite convenient for second spool changing (you must unload first spool) Also 2.3kg spools are too big and don't fit between holder and table (they are also too wide for the original holder) I started with 130mm universal filament spool holder - multiple lengths by ther00t ( https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2459115 ) I designed and printed arms for these holders. They have series of holes to put a rubber band that works as brake (friction is too low and spools unwind themselves)
  2. Hello, here are datas from spools i use on an Ultimaker 3 : ICE 2.85mm PLA 750g A: What is the filament brand: ICE B: What is the type of filament: PLA C: What is the diameter of the filament: 2.85mm D: What is the weight of a full spool: 953g E: What is the inner diameter of the core? 52mm F: What is the outer diameter of the core? 105mm G: What is the outer diameter of the whole spool? 200mm H: What is the weight of an empty spool? 203g I: Width of full spool (only when it is completely full because it can expand) 47mm J: Width of an empty spool (only whe
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