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  1. Yeah, I need to work on the output format for sure. There are a LOT of settings. I've started a repo for this plugin here if you want to check it out. https://github.com/johnnygizmo/CuraSettingsWriter
  2. Hey everyone, I'm working on a plugin to output all settings to an HTML table. I've got the basics working. It shows ALL settings and greys out the ones that are disabled. Is this something people will be interested in?
  3. If I have the key for setting in my plugin from the global stack, how can I look up it's SettingRelations? I want to find all the child keys of that setting.
  4. What setting affects tree support print speed? When you have it enabled, there are no options for support speed available. It seems to print as fast or faster than my model and I am getting some gaps that look issues I fixed by turning my speed down. I feel like slowing it down would make it perfect.
  5. On my Macbook Air, I was having terrible UI slowness. I started disabling plugins and found that removing the XRAY plugin made a difference.
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