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  1. I have the CR-10, I use the RepRap as my Gcode Flavor. When I was setting it up someone said to use that so I picked it.
  2. Just curious, what are your print settings. Do you use a Cura Standard or are you doing custom? (you don't have to type out all of your settings if your using custom) I know that on a few of my prints if the part is very small it will trim off the small bits because it is too small to print. I don't think this is your issue because it will print fine one at a time. Maybe you could try the print setting under [Special Modes] the "Print Sequence" switch it from "All at once" to "One at a Time". Maybe that would trick the slicer into printing the ribs.
  3. I attempted different pause options (with a online g-code viewer). The only ones that didn't create a bunch of retractions issues are the "Pause at Height (BQ Printere)" and "Color Change". Should I use one of these instead of the "Pause at Height? Please let me know if I am doing something wrong. I am loving useing Cura, but getting the pauseing to work properly has been frustrating.
  4. This isn't my first time I had an issue with pause at height, but I don't know if this is an issue with Cura or Octopi. For some reason when I try and print this file the first half prints fine, but when I get to the pause at height, all of a sudden it stops extruding when it resumes. Either has anyone else had this issue, or is there a way that I can view the gcode in anything other than Octopi? Here is my current setup Printer CR-10 Slicer: Cura Plugin: Pause at Height height: 4mm Park Print Head X: 10mm
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