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  1. Hi, we are also facing similar problems. In our case added to a bad surface finish it seems that the breakaway penetrates the model. Then when we retire the material it leaves holes, as you can see in the pictures. We use the standard values in Cura 3.6.0, no changes. We are going to try reducing the temp of breakaway: std is 225C, we will try with 220C
  2. Hi, I would like to know if exist a filament of this special material: NBR - DIN ISO 1629 Anybody knows something about it? Many thanks!
  3. Hi Steve, You are great!!! I have tried your solution and works perfectly!! The packing tape is the solution, I have used a transparent one and it works! Thanks a loooottt!! If you come to Spain you are invited to enjoy with us !! Best Regards
  4. I have tried different values for this with no success. First the M0 command were not working. Then I decide to substitute de M0 command by a G4 P6000 to, at least, have some time. This week the UM3 has received a new firmware and then the M0 command has started to work but... now the problem is that the tempertature decreases while M0 command is alive awaiting. Even if I put the two temperatures in the script dialog equal to the working temperature the fact is that goes down during the pause. Yes, of course, prior to restart the printing temperature reaches the working temp, but the next layer does not bond well with the previous one, so after some layers that pause layer breaks. Anyway, many thanks for your help
  5. One more info: Seems that after M0 command the UM3 retracts some amount of filament. After resume printing UM3 feed some amount of filament but not enough, is clearly less than the one retracted. So after some time the UM3 continues printing but, unfortunately, is not OK. Anybody knows how to solve it?
  6. Hi everyone I have tried this plugin but what happens is: 1) the printer stops and parks well at the specified point 2) you can resume using the menu easily 3) the printer goes perfectly to the next point to restart and starts to move 4) but with no extrusion, so prints nothing I have tried with and without temperatures for standby and resume, but the results are the same: no extrusion after restart but follows the right movements. Any idea? Using an Ultimaker 3 Extended with Cura 3.3.1 Thanks in davance
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