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  1. AminMissaoui

    Umo+ esteps too much issues

    So i have been trying to do the esteps for my umo+ The initial e-step value is +836.0 I asked for 100mm filament in the printer and i got only 45mm ! I made the equation and i got 1857.77 as a new value for my esteps wich is too high i think. Now each time i ask the printer to extrude filament, it starts retracting after that.... Too much issues in one poeration :) can anyone help?
  2. AminMissaoui

    UMO+ e-steps

    Hi, I want to learn how to to do the e-steps for my umo+ but i cant figure out how to extrude filament from Marlin firmware. Is there a specific firmware version that i should use? Thanks
  3. AminMissaoui

    umo+ Isolateur Tube

    Hi, I have a question about Isolateur Tube that comes by default with the umo+ kit is it 3mm? Thanks
  4. AminMissaoui

    UMO+ Shaking

    Actually you were right about the wires and that was the issue, x and y were reversed! Promblem solved Thank you verry much for your help!
  5. AminMissaoui

    UMO+ Shaking

    @JohnInOttawa Thank you for your reply, Yes the problem is happening at Homing, i did check the limit wires and it looks fine, also the position of the limit switchs them selves theres is like 3 mm ditance between the limit switch and the sliding blocks,but yet it's still chaking becasue somehow when it reaches the limits it doesnt move smothely, i think it has someing to do with X Y axels.
  6. AminMissaoui

    UMO+ Shaking

    Hi gyus, I have an issue with My UMO+ that i just assembled, when it reaches the x/y limits it starts shaking badly, In consequence some of the bolts are getting loosen up. Any ideas on how to fix this problem? Thanks

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