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  1. PS For those interested: in the attachment you find the cura settings and the STL model which I referred to in the previous post. surf_test.curaprofile hull_part_fwd2.stl
  2. Dear Cura-Experts, I'm trying to print a part which is an overlay of solid and shell parts, inspired by the models of 3DLabPrint (https://3dlabprint.com/).I came pretty far but there is one thing which makes me pull out my hair: the Cura slicer produces a nice motion path but after the layer is completed, it again moves to several points on the contour and places a lot of single "spots". Actually this is completely unnecessary from my point of view (It enlarged the print time a lot and cause a bad outer surface of the part.) and I have no idea, why it does this. These points are visible as dark blue dots on top of the uppermost red layer in the attached image. Did anybody experience something similar and has a hint to a cure for me? Thanks a lot, Hannes
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