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  1. Necro posting on this because I was searching for something and stumbled on this thread and I didn't see an answer. The horizontal lines appear to be z-bearing binding. This is a common problem on the UM2. The solution is annoying. You need to buy higher quality z bearings, tear the machine down, and rebuild it. I had the same problem with my UM2. It's solved now, but it was a pain to solve. I don't know how Ultimaker let crappy z bearings like this out the door. It's a manufacturing defect.
  2. I installed 3.3-beta last night and that seems to have resolved the problem.
  3. I recently upgraded to the latest firmware on my UM2+ in order to gain the ability to print TPU for quadcopters. It prints great (love this!), but I immediately noticed a big blob on my prints. Switching back to PLA, there's that blob again. Is there a workaround short of waiting for Cura 3.3?
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