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  1. 3 points can define a plane but that does not mean that it is the best option for a 3d printer with manual bed leveling. It's not easy when your back corners changes inversely proportional when you adjust the front corners. It makes 0 sense for easy of use.. Just search in this website for similar people that can't get the bed leveled. All due to this 3 point non sense.
  2. I also have this problem with muy UM2+ extended for more than a year. The biggest culprit is the three point adjust system. This is by far the worst design for a bed leveling system. If ultimaker had a 4 point system this problem would never exist. It's a pain to level it with the ultimaker menu functions because it only moves your nozzel to back center and front sides. There's no way to know if the back sides are correct. You have to move the extruder manually to that points to set it correctly after trying and error.
  3. Hi! I made a few prints with the defaults setting for Silver PLA plastic with Cura and Simplify3D but have inconsistent prints between both software. With this filament, Cura just prints perfectly but till this moment I couldn't get the exact print quality with simplify3D even using the profile configuration assistant exactly for this printer. With simplify3D I get blobs or zits on the walls, gaps in thin walls, oozing or bad finish on top layers. I trying everything on simplify 3D and can't get rid of every problem at the same time even when replicating every parameter possi
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