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  1. Interestingly, if I set "Outer wall inset" and "Horizontal expansion" at the same value I can achieve it presumably because there is now just enough room for the line... will test print tonight. What would be great is for the slicer to use a single line that was thinner in cases like this. I thought this would be the case when setting concentric for top layer but... nope.
  2. Does anyone know of a way to make this top surface print a single concentric line rather than the small pattern inside the outer two walls? I have walls set to 3...
  3. Yeah, sorry about that. When modelling objects I think of the shell as the external surface of the object. Not sure how or when I changed that setting... I have been trying to solve issues with small gaps in prints (I print quite small objects) and changed a bunch of things to fix that. Anyway, I think I have honed my settings quite nicely. And now I am also signed up to this forum so that's a bonus too!
  4. SOLVED: "Minimum Infill Area" was set to 10mm2. Changed to 0mm2 and fixed.
  5. I've uploaded the STL... I have checked it in multiple apps and it seems to be interpreted correctly. I don't understand what you mean by "not a top" surface... I have included a screenshot from Cura 15 which gets the shell correct. While the 6 itself is not a top surface, the hole in the 6 IS a top surface. In fact, Cura knows it is because, if I enable ironing, it tries to iron that part but there is no shell to iron! I've included a sceengrab of the ironing layer with ironing enabled. I am indeed slicing for a non-UM printer. Does that matter? I a
  6. I get some unexpected holes in my shell in Cura 3.2.1. Anyone got any thoughts? I have exported the shell from Cura as STL and checked it. Cura is definitely recognising it as solid so must be something happening in the slicing? I'm guessing some weird combination of settings... Attached images are of shell view and sliced view (which shows the missing shell [top surface] in the middle of the "6" and "4"...
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