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  1. If that's true, how would i have sent the material profile to my printer, so that i can repeat the instance?
  2. No, what i'm trying to figure out is why the same company that makes my 3d printer, and the recommended slicer, seems to have firmware for PETG in the printer, but not their software.
  3. That's a solution, not an answer. But thanks, already figured a solution out.
  4. So, i've never done any modding via 'developer' mode on my UM3, nor have i done much more than 'look around' at the Cura online settings... and tried a few times (with mixed results) in making my own material settings for Cura. Lately however, i've noticed this oddity: When changing filament spools on my UM3, it asks for the new type (after the RFID fails to detect the spool), and i can choose "PETG". However, no where in Cura that i can find, does it have an option to select "PETG", unless i load the esun profile from the marketplace. What's up Ultimaker? Couldn't be bothered to co
  5. I know this is probably a bit late, but that sounds reminds me of two stepper motors fighting. Did a wire get crossed somewhere? I realize this happened before you took it apart, but sounds like you have one moving +X and the other -Y when it should be +Y. Make sense?
  6. Isn't there a way to send the GUUID of say "PolyBrand Grey" to the printer before hand, so that it recognizes it? I've tried the steps you linked above, but Cura still responds with "switch unknown to PolyBrand Grey" or whatever, when i try to start the job. I realize the firmware link is a great idea incase you switch filaments and forget to update your Cura job, but this is frustrating me.
  7. Is there a way to override the UM3 "change filament from x to y" prompt, every time (or toggle) sending a project from Cura? example - using non-ultimaker PLA, lets say PolyBrand Grey, setup correctly (recognized as such) in Cura. On the UM3, because it's non-Ultimaker brand, without NFC, i have to choose printer material as "PLA" (assuming it means generic). Despite Cura having verified temps etc... is there no way to get the firmware or Cura to say "yes, i really mean use PolyBrand Grey" instead of the stupid 'override' button in Cura after the job is already posted? Si
  8. Using Cura 4.3, and after slicing any model, sending to print over network, i get an expected 'override needed' (non-UM filament). Overrides fine in the app, then a message pops up stating "no group host", and to click link to resolve. However, the link leads to "print_jobs.com", obviously not by Cura / UM... what is going on here?
  9. I really hope you got an answer years ago, but if not - i found this link recently (for you, and others still looking for this answer): https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/20510-support-3rd-party-printers
  10. https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/20499-reset-cura-2-1 Just found this myself. Guessing you've since found a solution, posting for others who are looking for this.
  11. So, fixed this myself. Seems the programmers on 3.3 took an assumption that didn't fit my profile. I have a smallish SSD to run Windows, and launch my apps from a RAID1 HDD setup. After 3.3 released today, and i removed every config/install/appData file for my previous Cura installs, i had the same error. This time the log said something along the lines of "file not found on expected drive". Uninstall it all again, reinstall on the default 😄 drive.. lo and behold it works, and i'm printing now from 3.3. 😞 TL;DR - fixed, only if i installed on my defa
  12. Help appreciated! -launch Cura 3.3 Beta after installing. Agree to license. Can see a pop-up for "allow" of something behind a "select/name your printer" window. -select my printer (UM3, named "Ultimaker 3" or even "BldrBot") -window disappears as does all of Cura 3.3. (auto-quit) Ideas? Suggestions? incidentally, 15mb log for first launch? wow. cura.log
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