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  1. Indeed, the second is what I want. The video is most instuctive, thanks.
  2. I want to make a 'solid' box, several cms in each dimension and within that box I need to place some solid volumes to screws to be inserted. How do I go about this please. I'm using an O+ with Cura 3.4
  3. I've just completed building my printer following the excellent instructions. Now though I feel high and dry. The manual provides a link to the website for configuration and calibration. It's not obviuos which version of Cura I should use. I installed Cura 3. On first use it suggests I make some checks. the first page allows me to test the nozzle and bed temperatures and informs me that the limit switches have not been tested. Then I move to levelling the plate and start the test. The plate is positioned several mms below the nozzle such that I can make any adjustements.
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