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  1. Thanks gr5, I just had a closer look at the cooling settings - full cooling was set a the 5th layer. I’ve changed that to the 2nd layer, keeping the 1st for adhesion. Hopefully this will help. -C
  2. Hey gr5, Thanks for the response: Regarding overhang - I’m using support starting at 0deg, with Z & X/Y support distance equal to the filament diameter. The rest of the part overhangs came out perfect - just the lower/right-facing surfaces had this issue. 1) Painters tape is a last option - just spent almost 4K on a UM3 with a heated build plate. I’m looking into dialing in the right settings and get the most out the machine. 2) My fan speed has always been at 100%. Taking your advice - I’m trying a print now with 60deg on the first layer, 50deg thereafter. I’m also using a glu
  3. I’m experience warping on the underside of my parts - see attached images. I’m using an Ultimaker 3, printing in PLA with a heated bed, fan cooling, and breakaway support (1+ degrees). Basically default printer/Cura settings. Print quality is excellent otherwise. Warping is only present on the underside of the part, nowhere else.
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