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  1. I'm using esun Petg on a CR-10 and yesterday I printed a 15 hour long job for a small flower pot but strangely it appears as if the first 1/3 printed ok, then the 2/3 printed super rough and the last 1/3 printed ok again. See attached pic.My settings in Cura are the default for this printer and for the petg I have it set at 240 nozzle, 85 printbed, layer height 0.2, speed is at 40, retraction distance 5 and retraction speed at 40.I'm fairly new to 3d printing and I've been using these same settings for a few weeks with no problems but this is a new problem with all my prints lately. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated , thanks!
  2. i just downgraded to cura 3.3.1 and am in the middle of a 5 hour print, so far so good ? Update: I printed a 12 hour job overnight and it printed completely without any issues. Stick with cura 3.3.1 if you're having problems.
  3. I've decided to print from SD cards again since the direct connection to cura via usb is no longer reliable ?
  4. I'm having issues with the latest version of Cura 3.4.1 on my CR-10 Mini. Since updating to this version my printer seems to stop half way through many print jobs but not all of them. It's very inconsistent now. I connect my printer directly to my computer via USB and this was never a problem before. Same printer, same usb cable, same computer. Any suggestions? Thanks
  5. Hi all, I just got my first 3d printer the Creality CR10 Mini but I don't see it in the list of printers in Cura. Is it ok to select the CR-10 or does the mini need special settings? thanks!
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