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  1. Hey, I'm back! And I'm glad to report it was a full success!!! I wired everything up and got the programming in order. It can go backward and forward and rotate left and right. This particular project is powered by an arduino uno with 2 5 volt stepper motors. It uses infrared for remote control and a green status LED. The speed is minimal but the torque is excellent. Now, I gotta figure out what to build next! Pictures pending...
  2. Hi everybody! I don't own a ultimaker printer but I do use Cura. I originally started as just a kid playing with 3D applications like Google skethup. But with the recent purchase of my Duplicator I3, I have been able to take my skills further and explore the world of robotics. I designed my first 14 hour print yesterday in response to a design flaw in my first print. I am currently trying to make a 2 wheel remote control vehicle. I've gotten most of the electronics figured out, so all that is left is to print the chassis. Just want to say that it's awes
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