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  1. Hi, I have a weird issue that I cannot seem to resolve on my Ultimaker 3 Extended. I now verified it is not due to the slicing as I used Cura as Simplify3D and both have the same issue: I want to print as smooth as possible vase/spiral mode, and it is crucial that the movement is as smooth as possible. Now I have at random a very brief pause of the movement which causes some extra material to leak out and create a blob. This seems to happen a bit at random , sometimes every layer onces, other times only after a couple of layers. There is NOTHING in the Gcode that could cause the pause. Believe me, I spent a considerable time investigating this. It seems it is like a buffer thing or something, that he is waiting for new instructions. I print pretty fast, but when slowed down it is the same issue. This is really causing me a headache and another dissapointment from using the Ultimaker 3 Extendend. I thought when I bought this machine I did not have to face these issues, and I paid the premium price for a reason... Even my 300$ Creality printer can do this kind of thing smoother. Please help in guiding me. As I mentioned, I have the same issue with Cura or Simplify3d, so I don't think it is related to settings (which I already played with). I have the GCODE from simplify3D attached, which is very similar to Cura. For the issue during the spiral, scroll down to the middle. In the beginning I have different settings because I wanted a hole in the bottom. monochromatic_lamp_150mm.gcode
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