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  1. Hi all and thanks in advance for any assistance. My faithful UM2 has been acting up lately and I am trying to figure out if its my Cura settings or something mechanical with the machine. Attached are two prints. The blue one is printed on my UM2 using ESUN 3mm PETG. The black one printed on my BIBO2 using ESUN 1.75mm PETG. Exact same Cura profile but no matter what tweaks I do to the UM2 profile (lower temp, retraction and combing adjustments, etc), I can not seem to get it to print clean. The UM2 use to print as clean as the BIBO but now its shit. UM2 has new .4mm nozzle. Any thoughts? Thanks Jeff
  2. Upgrade to 4.5 last week and had several days of printing with no problems. This morning, the prime tower no longer appears even though it is checked. I have chked and unchked, restarted, rebooted, etc. No prime tower. Have not changed any settings to a project file. Any clues. Thanks in advance Ivo
  3. At lost here...running Cura 4.4 and can not load project files ( .3mf files). When I Open Files - .3mf files are not an option. What's up. I have selected 'Always Ask' in the General Settings but when ever I open a file, it never asks. If I select 'always open as project', nothing changes and .3mf files are not an option. Thanks Ivo
  4. Hello Is there a way to set which extruder you want to print 1st or does Extruder 1 always print first? I am printing with a conductive PLA in extruder 2 and am having trouble getting it to not smear or leave traces across the non-conductive material that printed first. I want to try and have the conductive pla laid down first and then the diaelectric pla laid down. Hoping I don't have to swap filaments. (ignore the red lines) Thanks Ivo
  5. Never mind. Prime tower was enabled and the model intersected the footprint of the tower.
  6. Hello all, Suddenly started having a problem today setting up dual extrude models in. Cura 4.4. I had not had a problem til not and not sure what is going on. Previously I could assign each extruder to the solid and then merge and slice but not one extruder always shows a striped pattern (see pic) and Cura will not slice it. Any clues. Thanks in advance Ivo
  7. Have to say Support Blocker is not very intuitive and usable. Since Cura is generating the support structures, seems as if, at the very least, cura could list all the individual structures its has generated and one could pick through the various structures as it highlights them in the model and turn them on/off. The cube thing is annoying and not very user friendly....one thing is once I create one cube for an area, I want to be able to elongate it on two other axis to block out support but can't do that with the scale function. Can't even copy that cube but have to to creating more cubes and scaling them as well...what a tedious pain!
  8. Contacted Intservo and they suggested fan speed was the issue as the tone issue is temperature related. So I printed with no fan and made sure temps were same across all setting. Still produced the same results. Tried 240 to 248 temp range and different speeds all which produced no change in outcome. Its seems to be related to the travel direction of the nozzle and watching it lay the last layer, the infill areas lay beautiful but the second it starts outlining, the whiteish color appears.
  9. Thanks much for the response. Setting all speeds to the same made no difference (in this case 20mm). Also enabled z-hop but made no difference on the scaring. Do you think layer height is an issue....printing as .15 atm. It looks like the nozzle makes a 'dry' pass over the problematic area's as if its trying to smooth the surface out. Is this possible?
  10. Hello, Anyone have any experience with eSun's Blue Translucent PETG? I am trying to figure out a quality issue on the finish layer. The unit on the left is printed with MH Blue PETG (running at 215/70 and print speed 40 and fans at 100) and on the finish layer the color is uniform whereas with the object on the right, printed with eSun's Translucent Blue (running 244/85 and print speed 20 - fans at 30%). With the eSun material, the color is not finishing out uniformly - the fields have a nice translucent quality, but the outlines are whitish. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance. Jeff
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