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  1. Ok I ran all the mesh tools. Should I just try and reprint? Don
  2. Plugin and profile installation To install a plugin or profile from the Marketplace, take the following steps: Open the Marketplace in Ultimaker Cura by navigating to Marketplace > Marketplace. Select the plugin or profile you want to install and click Install. Quit and restart Ultimaker Cura to enable the plugin or profile. I don't have these options in my Cura for Mac. Don
  3. Im lost on how to fix the model? I don't see mesh tools anywhere? Don
  4. MU_3DBenchy_-_Multi-part_-_Complete_17_shells_-_3DBenchy.com.3mf
  5. I did a save and it made a .3mf file. Is that what you need? Don
  6. My distance is set at ZERO. Don
  7. How do I send you the project file? I'm kinda new to Cura?
  8. 3DPrinter model: Monoprice Ultimate 3DPrinter brand: Monoprice Modifications: none Filament type: PLA Filament brand: Polymaker PLA Plus Printing Surface: (???) Slicer: Cura 4.1 Layerheight: .2 Perimiters: 2 Infill %: 10 Bottom/Top thickness: Print speed: 50 Extrusion temp: 200 Platform temp (if heated):60
  9. Cura 4.0. Defaults using Wanhao Duplicator 6 (since there is no Monoprice Ultimate). The brim was onion skin thin or missing in parts. PLA filament. Suggestions? I'm a Simply3D person but want to use Cura from now on.
  10. Should I worry? Should I say yes?
  11. Sounds too complicated for me :( thanks
  12. Hi. I’m trying to change the steps per mm in Cura for my Monoprice Ultimate printer. Where is that setting? I have 3.1.1for Mac. Thanks in advance. Don
  13. Hi. I have 3.3.1 for Mac. I have paralleks desktop so I can run Windows 10. Shoud I try that? Don
  14. Hi. How do i get CURA to save my settings? When I close the program and reopen I have to redo all those settings. Or for a new project. Don
  15. Hi. Thanks SO much for your help. Monoprice is zero help so far. I'll give those settings a shot. Thanks. Don
  16. Hi. Im totally new to 3d printing and cura. I just bought a monoprice ultimate printer. Talking to support has been a nightmare. They talk way above my head. How do I set up my printer in cura. My printer is not an option when you are asked which printer I have. Help. Thanks in advance. Don
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