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  1. Hi! I've recently bought the Matchless V3 block for my Ultimaker 2 Go, but I'm having trouble with the nozzle not extruding properly, so I'm going to replace it. I was looking for a nozzle that could work, so I tried my Mk8 nozzle for the Anet A8, but the thread is too long. I can buy 1 brass Olsson nozzle for €20, but that's a little expensive imo. I was wondering if the E3D nozzles (or any other cheaper nozzle brand other than E3D) work in the Olsson block. Thanks for all the help! HugoG
  2. Thanks for all your advise! I took a look at what 3DSolex has to offer, and I think the Matchless heatblock is exactly what I need. They also have chrome coated brass nozzles, which is what I'm going to use for now. The heated bed is something I also want to upgrade to. I was wondering, what system upgrade did you use? The one provided by 3DSolex or a custom one? Thanks, I will keep it in mind. For now I think a chrome nozzle is enough, since I will be printing 'galaxy' filament, which has metal foil mixed in to make it shine. How much does it wear out? I
  3. Hi, I bought some filament which, unfortunately, is a little abrasive. I went searching online for a stainless steel nozzle with a bigger nozzle size for the Ultimaker 2 Go, but I found out the Olsson heat block is, as far as I've looked, permanently attached to the nozzle, without any way of getting it out (maybe drilling, but that doesn't seem like a good idea), and I couldn't find any brass heat blocks for sale. So I was wondering if you guys maybe know where I can find a replacement heat block/nozzle combination, and if possible a stainless steel nozzle instead of a brass
  4. Thank you very much for the response! I opened the PTFE tube on the side of the extruder and put it back in, and now it prints perfectly! I think it was pushing to the coupler indeed.
  5. Hi, I am new to Ultimaker printer, and I just got my hands on a lightly used Ultimaker 2 Go, which doesn't have any problems so far except one: When I try to feed it filament, it all goes fine until the step where it should slowly push filament through the nozzle until it comes out. When it comes to that step, the extruder stepper starts moving the filament forward for 0.5mm and clicks back 0.5mm. I've tried to readjust the feeder tension making it tighter and loosening it, but both don't do anything, except making the clicking slightly louder/quieter. I hope one of yo
  6. I am using Fusion 360 as a 3D modeling program. It is a technical program, as in it isn't good for drawing models of people for instance. You can download it for free using the Starter Licence. We are currently trying to get the money for a Ultimaker 2 GO. It is a printer that is portable (we don't have a place to store it), it prints very well and we can show the kids what all the components do. I will definitely look into this! We make our own lessons with a uniform template across all the type of lessons we create, and we translate other tutorials from English
  7. Hello all! I work as volunteer at CoderDojo in the Netherlands, Alphen aan den Rijn and we teach kids to program. I recently started teaching kids how to 3D Model, and they REALLY liked it! As most of you might know, 3D Modeling is fun, but it isn't as educational as printing the object in real life and learning from it's flaws. Since CoderDojo is a non-profit organisation, we don't get money from the CoderDojo Foundation but have to get it ourself. That's why I made a GoFundMe page to get money for a nice 3D Printer. I very much hope posting it here would get some attentions
  8. I just changed my nozzle on my Anet A8 after it was fully used up. When I started printing with my new 0.4mm nozzle (same as before) my extrusion was VERY bad and inconsistant, even so bad I couldn't continue printing because it would pull the first layer off. If I compare it to my extrusion before the nozzle switch, it is really bad, even though I tightened everything as before. I am quite sure it doesn't have to do with adhesion to the heated bed since I use tape with pva glue. Any advice on how to remove this under extrusion so I can continue printing? Al
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