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  1. Hi smartavionics, thanks for your reply. I installed the Printer Settings plugin but I could not change the parameters, they always switched back to the preset numbers which are far out of range... Where can I find the printer definition file you mentioned? The main question is still why does the M204 gcode command does not translate right when Cura is set to marlin flavour and the change is three years old!? http://reprap.org/wiki/G-code#M204:_Set_default_acceleration "Marlin notes: After Mar11-2015, the M204 options have changed in Marlin: P = Printing moves R = Retract only (no X, Y, Z) moves T = Travel (non printing) moves" Please let me know if I am wrong in this case but I think it would be great if the gcode translation would be implemented right in Cura so that the commands work as aspected. Cheers tom
  2. Hallo, I used Cura 3.3.1 to generate gcode to use on a Creality CR-10 S5 and ran into massive problems with slipping layers mainly on y-axis. After a long research I found this threat about the wrong gcode flavour of Cura in older versions: http://www.crforums.com/showthread.php/50-Using-Cura-along-with-the-updated-Marlin-firmware Apparently the gcode in Version 3.3.1 inserts very high travel acceleration and jerk by default like this: M204 S5000 M205 X30 Y30 As far as I understand is the Marlin firmware expecting the gcode as following so it cannot use the M204 but the M205: M204 [P<accel>] [R<accel>] [T<accel>] M205 [B<µs>] [E<jerk>] [S<feedrate>] [T<feedrate>] [X<jerk>] [Y<jerk>] [Z<jerk>] So I am not so sure what's happening with the acceleration or if its not used so just the jerk causes the slipping. Anyways I rolled back to Cura 2.7 in which M204/M205 is not used by default but changing feed rates for the movements. No slipping, everythings prints fine! My question if there is a way to set in preferences max jerk and acceleration for the printer so that I don't have to open all the speed parameters. The question is also how to bring the M204 in the right flavour so that Marlin will understand what’s happening? Cheers Tom
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