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  1. So I tried printing something today, did everything as usual, but out of nowhere, my printer tried going outside of its build volume. Thinking I may have made a mistake, I simply replaced the items in Cura, sliced, and tried again, with the same result. When loading the actual gcode into cura, I noticed a strange line in my print, that I can't explain, as you can see in the screenshot I attached. This line is only there when I load the gcode in cura, it's not there after loading a model and slicing it, hence why I'm thinking it has something to do with Cura. I tried loading older gcode files, that I have already printed successfully, and these don't have this strange line. I also tried creating a simple cube in Fusion 360. Slicing that in cura and loading the gcode resulted in the exact same line showing up. I wonder if this is an issue with Cura's slicing, or with Fusion 360 adding an invisible element? Any help would be greatly appreciated, since I'm very much dead in the water due to this weirdness. Edit I reverted back to 4.1.0, which doesn't produce this weird line. Maybe this is useful info for somebody?
  2. I didn't say the walls were vertical all the way up, although I do see how it could be read like that. I meant that the weirdness was happening at a vertical section. I do tend to be a bit vague ?. Which holes do you mean when you say "it doesn't seem to be printing the holes"? If you mean the holes in the uppermost horizontal bits, I think the first pictures weren't at layers high enough to show the holes. I haven't checked, but I think with this new printing profile, it should now be back to printing as usual. It's still a mystery as to how this happened though. All I can say is: For anyone coming to this thread with the same issues in the future: Try reverting to a printing profile (print settings, whatever you like to call it) that you know has worked before, that's what resolved it for me.
  3. I suspected as much, so I've moved on to another model for the moment. I did notice it had something to do with the settings I was using, because reverting back to a default profile seems to have "solved" it. I'm still very curious as to what could cause this though.
  4. I've not been using Cura for long, but what's happening now definitely seems off to me. As you can see in the picture below, the top few layers in layer mode seem to be drawn with very wide layers. That width isn't there in the model, it's just a vertical wall of consistent width. When moving the layer view height around, everything renders like this, but only above the height of the bottom plate, that does render properly. I made this model in Fusion 360. Is this something I did wrong while modeling, or is this something to do with Cura?
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