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  1. I have just noticed this explanation of this option on the Cura website. This implies that this feature would do exactly as I need, as the "chimney" in the explanation is no different to my pillars. I see 3.4 has now been released but nothing in the change log to say this feature has been fixed. Any ideas on when a fix is likely?
  2. Thank's for the info. It's a shame its broken as I find that setting this to 70mm2 (same as the Slic3r setting) it does exactly what I need, only it sometimes loses areas of top surface skin. I guess I will have to look up about meshes or stick to Slic3r for models like this.
  3. Thanks, though I have just been playing with that setting and it appears to have no affect regardless of what it is set to, The pillars in the model still remain infilled rather than solid. Have attached a screenshot The issue I have is that unless these are printed solid they are either weak or have gaps in the surface, when using the Minimum Infill Area it prevents this from happening. Is there a bug logged for this issue and will it ever get fixed as it is a useful feature.
  4. Hi, I was looking to use the Minimum Infill Area setting so that some or the smaller areas of my models are printed using skin rather than infill. This option seems to work well in Slic3r but when trying it in Cura I have found that it sometimes causes there to be gaps in the top layer of skin. After looking up the setting I can see that people have reported this function no longer works correctly. If this is the case, is there any other way to be able to achieve this without Cura removing my top surface skin from any areas? You can see in the attached picture that with Minimum Infill Area set to 0 the circular areas are printed with skin (as expected), when value is set for the Minimum Infill Area, the skin in then missing. I have also attached an STL of a screw pillar that is part of one of my models. I would ideally like for this to print solid but for the rest of the print to be infilled like normal. A Minimum Infill Area of 70mm^2 usually achieved this but at the sacrifice of other areas of the model potentially missing its top skin. Thanks Pillar.stl
  5. Disabling that setting had a great improvement in the skin and there's no more gaps. Admittedly the overall surface still isn't as good as when using Cura 15.x. though Slic3r gives the best finish overall but has other issues itself which I don't like at all so try and stick to Cura. I did find increasing the wall thickness also helped otherwise the infil between the inner and outer wall caused the skin to have a really rough finish around the front of the benchy. Increasing this puts another perimeter wall on rather than infil. Still not perfect but does look better. It was a CTC i3 (geeetech clone) but has had many bits changed of modified. Currently the extruder steps per mm have been calibrated at 97.069, I checked this again and all seems fine there. It's kind of hard to see in the pictures but the one on the left is with the compensation turned on, and the one on the right is with it off. The chimney also no longer snaps off easily by pressing it like it did previously. The three benches show the results from the three slicers with the settings set as close as possible as I can get them. (Top is Cura 3.3, right is Slic3r, and bottom is Cura 15).
  6. Here you go. I just printed the roof of the benchy rather than the whole thing as that is where it is most noticeable (though it happens all over). Also included a photo showing the defects. This was printed at 0.28mm layer height to save time, but same issue at 0.2mm If using Cura 15.04.06 it comes out fine. Thanks Cura 3.3 Benchy Roof.gcode
  7. Hi, I have been using Cura 15.05.6 for quite some time and thought it was about time to upgrade to Cura 3. Got it all set up as close as possible to my Cura 15 settings however every print suffers small gaps in the perimeter walls on a print, the same gaps do not show in the layer view. I have attached a picture which shows the gaps (noticeable on the Benchy chimney). The one on the left is Cura 15, the one on the right is Cura 3.2 (3.3 does the same thing). This makes for the chimney being extremely fragile as just pressing on it causes it to snap off, whereas the one printed with Cura 15 is perfectly fine, has none of these gaps and does not easily snap off. Also tried with Slic3r and this also prints fine without these little gaps. Have made sure that Coasting is disabled. Have a retraction of 1mm (direct drive extruder), Printing at same temp and speed as Cura15 and Slic3r. Have tried various Z seam options and no change. What other settings can cause this? It has to be related to Cura 3.x as every other Slic3r with the same settings prints fine. It may not look that bad but it effects EVERY print that is sliced with Cura 3.x. So for now I have to stick with Cura 15 which gived a great result every time, no patchy gaps in walls. Any help much appreciated Lemaru
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