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  1. Hi Jeex, and thank you for your response. I have now sorted the problem. After numerous updates and still not getting the PP to appear on the UM2+, I was advised by the local distributor, an absolutely great guy called Kae, to reset to factory settings from the UM control panel. Bingo....PP appeared. Of course, all I need to do now is get the profile nailed. I'm getting a really good brim, but the walls of the bottle I am trying to make is a disaster. I tried the spiral feature and also setting up as if I was miking a 0.08 wall, but it really is nasty. It actually look
  2. I have a UM2+ and have installed Cura 3.3.1. I then tried to upgrade the firmware on my printer, but even thought the software indicated a successful upgrade, it wasn't done. For instance, PP material appears in Cura...but not on my trusty old 2+. This was a Mac, using two different USB cables. Then I went to my Windows box. There's nothing like a downgrade!! ( Please direct abuse to D. Trump...) Again, upgraded the software, went through the firmware routine and still, no PP appears in my 2+ materials. When I check the version on the UM2+, it comes up as Vers: 3.3.0 dated 15
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