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  1. Hi Jeex, and thank you for your response. I have now sorted the problem. After numerous updates and still not getting the PP to appear on the UM2+, I was advised by the local distributor, an absolutely great guy called Kae, to reset to factory settings from the UM control panel. Bingo....PP appeared. Of course, all I need to do now is get the profile nailed. I'm getting a really good brim, but the walls of the bottle I am trying to make is a disaster. I tried the spiral feature and also setting up as if I was miking a 0.08 wall, but it really is nasty. It actually looks like the material might be full of moisture, having dealt with moist PVA once on a UM3. Anyway, will keep trying. These are such awesome printers. Again, thanks for the reply. RussellC
  2. I have a UM2+ and have installed Cura 3.3.1. I then tried to upgrade the firmware on my printer, but even thought the software indicated a successful upgrade, it wasn't done. For instance, PP material appears in Cura...but not on my trusty old 2+. This was a Mac, using two different USB cables. Then I went to my Windows box. There's nothing like a downgrade!! ( Please direct abuse to D. Trump...) Again, upgraded the software, went through the firmware routine and still, no PP appears in my 2+ materials. When I check the version on the UM2+, it comes up as Vers: 3.3.0 dated 15 Mar 2018. Even at that date, I'm sure that the machines would have been ok with PP...it just befuddles my thought process. Any ideas would be welcome...but please limit them to the problem at hand.... ?
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