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  1. Hey, thanks for the reply. Yeah you're right, a wrong Z-step would fuck everything up and I already thought that the infill looked under extruded but threw that out the window as I had no idea what could cause it. I already tried 10% speed (relative to the standart value) and it still moved through layers. The TFM Coupler? I've never replaced it, thanks for the heads-up. While I haven't printed that much I'll disassemble the printhead as soon as I find time for it and put a new one in.
  2. Hey guys, first post here. I've been having problems with my printer(UM2+) for quite some time now, I even contacted ultimaker as well as their local retailer but they weren't able to help. The problem is that the printhead moves through already printed layers after the first few layers, it seems like the Z-steps it takes aren't big enough. This happens with different nozzles, different layer-heights as well as materials. I already tried to reset it to factory conditions and updated the firmware to the newest version again (multiple times) and made sure the bed is leveled.
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