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  1. Greetings, also have same issue, see everything but nothing works, with regard to the slicer in my Ender 2 there is NOTHING on the subject, been at it for 2 weeks now. Have a cat that was already sliced into G code that came with the machine, looks cool, fun to make, one of, can't slice so I am stuck with a cat. if you find anything please share it, I will do the same Chip
  2. Hello to who is reading this, I hope you will be able to explain this to me. I have a printer Ender 2 pretty cool so far! #Running Rasbian Stretch Installed the OctoPrint server as per instructions; cd ~ sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install python-pip python-dev python-setuptools python-virtualenv git libyaml-dev build-essential git clone https://github.com/foosel/OctoPrint.git cd OctoPrint virtualenv venv ./venv/bin/pip install pip --upgrade ./venv/bin/python setup.py install mkdir ~/.octoprint sudo usermod -a -G tty pi sudo u
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