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  1. Thank you everyone guys!!! Will certainly give a try to your suggestions ☺️.
  2. If I don't use blue painters tape, doesn't it leave scratches and make the bed surface rough and uneven in the near future after continuous uses??
  3. Mostly I use PLA for printing my models and I almost never face the problem of adhesion to the build plate (which of course is a good thing). However, almost every single time when my models are finished printing they stick to the blue painters tape so well that when I pull out the finished models the blue painters tape tears out every single time and I need to change the tape almost after every single print. I usually heat the build plate to around 50-60 degree celsius and pull out the finished products since its really difficult to pull them out when they are cool. Is there any way or any specific printing conditions that I need to tweak in so that I will not face this issue any further??? Would be very grateful for your kind suggestions. ☺️
  4. I removed the nozzle and inserted the filament from below as you said but the filament is totally obstructed to move any further right from the beginning of the TFM coupler from below. So your suggestion of drilling it out must be perfect in this case. But I am not confident enough to drill it directly through the hot end without screwing things up. ?? So is it okay if I drill it by taking the coupler out from the hot end or should I do it through the hot end itself??
  5. Thank you so much for your quick reply. As you said I opened up the hot end and checked out the TFM coupler but could not change it because of not having a spare one but I have attached the image of it here which something looks like this from the top view. I also cleaned up the feeder and the bowden tube and after reassembling the hot end I carried out the atomic method to clean the nozzle and the image of the PLA filament used during the atomic method looks like this. Before all of this when I physically pulled out the filament from the nozzle because of not inverting of the material as I mentioned you before I got this. Do I still need to wait for the TFM coupler before starting the print or the problem is something else?
  6. I have been using ultimaker 2+ for around 1 and half year and recently I faced this problem of stopping of extrusion and the printer printing in air without extruding the filament completely after few minutes of printing. All the three fans are working properly too. When this happens and I try to revert the filament the filament doesn't revert and I need to pull out the bowden tube and pull out the filament forcibly and then carry out the atomic method to clear out the remaining parts of the filament from the hot end. Again if I start the printing process, the same problem occurs again and again. I have only used PLA filament with it. What might be the issue that's causing this problem ??Please help me out to solve this
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