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  1. @Foulkn This is a known bug in CuraEngine (the part that does the actual slicing in the background). It happens if relative extrusion and firmware retract are used in combination with a third setting. One of the problematic third settings I know of is Coasting but there might be others. If you disable anyone of them everything works as expected. This bug has already been fixed but will only be in the next release. 3.5 or 4.0, not sure on what it will be. EDIT: one other third setting would most probably be of you have configured an extra prime amount in Cura.
  2. I just drag-and-drop'd it onto the running Cura window and it installed it automatically.
  3. One thing is still left: having set machine_endstop_positive_direction_z = false in the config file does not remove the tick from the UI (because default value for this one would be true). I can though remove the tick in UI (which I am unsure if it was one of those that reverted automatically but I tend to it has been changeable all the time). Given, this is not anywhere near to be important for slicing, just you know it's not working as expected.
  4. Great, this one is working now! Perfect and thanks a lot, this is very helpful. ☺️
  5. I got this working now - even though definitely not the intended way. ? As I said I cannot make the settings via the UI so that they take effect. Instead I need to edit the file ~/.local/share/cura/3.3/definition_changes/<print_name>_settings.inst.cfg which was probably the way I could have done this already. There I can enter all settings with their respective names that I found in resources/definitions/fdmprinter.def.json directly. These changes are also reflected in the UI if I enable the visibility for these settings (which in turn requires the plugin to be instal
  6. OK, I downloaded 3.3.1 AppImage which starts correctly but the problem with the plugin persists. I also tried a new profile (or rather I duplicated "Draft quality") but also not able to change the settings for max/accel/speed and FW. I can change e.g. steps/mm or feeder wheel diameter - I could already do that in 3.3.0.
  7. I use Cura-3.3.0.AppImage from https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/releases which to me occurs to be the final version of 3.3.0. Usually I use the version that is in the package repos but they have not yet been update from 3.2.1. The AppImage is an acceptable alternative for me meanwhile but 3.3.1 is only available as source code AFAIK and even though I am capable of compiling it from source I'd rather not. EDIT: I tried compiling it from source - or rather updating the package - but startup fails due to something missing related to Ultimaker S5.
  8. Hi @ahoeben When I discovered this today I was totally excited! Finally I could get to tune my time estimates by synchronizing the values for max/accel/jerk and also I would get to enable Firmware Retraction which is disabled by my selection of RepRap GCode Flavor - sadly all of the settings I would like to change, I cannot change. I can type new values into max/accel/jerk but they reset themselves immediately as soon as I take to focus to another input field. When clicking Firmware Retraction it does not tick it. Strange thing is: when I change all the settings and then go to the profile ma
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