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  1. Hi 3.3.1 is working well for me as I uninstalled 3.2 first before installing the latest version.If the printer is not switched on and connected to the PC it will not give the true printing model when one simulation the job before printing.So the settings take a lot longer. Has anyone else all experienced this. Thanks KennethKenneth.
  2. Hi Kenneth Kenneth has a question. When a module is resized the print changes.(eg on full module one can print two colours and when scaled down will only print one colour.
  3. Hi Simulation mode. Will one be able to run in simulation mode to see what your print is going to look like before you actually do the proper print.In simulation mode you can see layer for layer what is going on, fill gaps and so forth. This way one can save on unwanted prints and time. This buttons as a feature in cura would be advantageous. Thanking you kindly Kenneth Kenneth.
  4. Will this machine or the machines before get a simulation processing options.
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