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  1. as well as having 6.5 retraction, you also have 0 retraction extra prime. On my direct drive system i use 0.7 retract and 0.2 extra prime. The extra prime help overcome any ooze during travels
  2. wanhao duplicator i3 plus x. is this a bowden feed or a direct drive extruder ?
  3. Strange, loading your project into cura 4.8, both discs print from inside-out, but not in ver 4.9
  4. i use the skirt to fine tune the Z height using babysteps so as to get a good squish for the 1st layer
  5. Cura default measurments are set to mm. make sure inventor is set to export using mm and not inches
  6. Make sure you set up cura as per plane prints P3 profile I get a perfect slice with print thin walls unchecked surface mode surface slicing tolerance middle all mesh fix options unchecked
  7. try manage setting visibility and make sure 'check all' is ticked.
  8. When i slice your stl in upright position it slices perfectly, using fine profile.
  9. change support overhang angle =55
  10. not 100% sure but it look like you are missing a } "machine_extruder_trains": { "0": "wanhao_d4s_extruder_0", "1": "wanhao_d4s_extruder_1" },
  11. when i rotate the .obj file 1 half is not flat to the build plate (sitting a few mm above). To fix this, right clik the model and in mesh tools select 'split model into parts' (you may need to download mesh tools from the marketplace)
  12. One way is use the support blocker tool and make the joint 100% infill
  13. M201 X1000 Y1000 Z100 E2000 ; set max acceleration
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