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  1. M201 X1000 Y1000 Z100 E2000 ; set max acceleration
  2. Please attach a project file so we can see your machine settings (file/save) attach the .3mf
  3. I think the lines on the lettering may be a bit too thin Try with horizontal expansion=0.15
  4. cannot see a prussa mini option. choose custom fff and fill in the settings yourself
  5. If you attach the project file (.3mf)it would help find the reason (file/save).
  6. please attach the 3mf project file (file/save) we can the see all the settings
  7. It will stop when it hits the endstop
  8. Wow, what speeds did you set when you sliced it, from the simulation it looks far too fast.
  9. make the changes then click the v right of the profile name then choose either update current profile or create a new profile
  10. please attach a cura project file( file/save)
  11. ok, try surface mode normal remove all holes ticked spiralize outer contour ticked (forces single wall)
  12. why not just click on the model and drag it to where you want it.
  13. select surface mode in the slicer settings
  14. did you try opening the file in cura ? Infill needs to be set at 0% otherwise it will destroy your internal structure. Print time is around 3 hours btw with single wall
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