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  1. Now that I got the pile of parts completed, I upgraded the firmware on my machine as well. Hopefully that will let me go back to the newest version of Cura.
  2. It's been too long for me to remember what the file should look like. Since I couldn't tell the difference, I moved on. I blew out all the old files that could have been bad anyway. Since a Cura version change definitely corrected my problem and I had to get the project back in motion (this is just one of many things on my plate at the moment) I didn't spend any time on it. When I explain my findings with a coworker, it seemed similar to his issues. I suppose we need to look into a firmware update.
  3. I got so excited, thinking you hit the nail on the head! Alas, I'm still sorting it out, but I've at least narrowed it to Cura. I successfully started a print of an older model, previously printed, and that worked fine, which rules out the printer and the USB stick being bad, although I did reformat the USB stick. I tried processing the same original stl file with Cura, and it didn't work. LAN and wifi aren't an option for me, unfortunately. I noticed that the .gz extension was new, so on a whim I uninstalled Cura and installed an older version. It appears I'm back up and running
  4. Hi, I'm new Things have been going swimmingly with our new 3E up until today. A coworker pointed out he got an error message the other day about build volume (he wasn't real clear) and I didn't think much of it. He said he drove on with the ignore option. I got a new computer and had to reload Cura, which may be a part of my particular problem, but I'm willing to entertain any thoughts. Completed the model in Cura and tried to load it into the machine. All sorts of errors: Build volume. Error with the last words of "Line nr = 18." Print job is not suitable...ER26. Forgot the rest.
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