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  1. I think there is just left a G91 in the code to set relative positioning
  2. Hi berndjm, sorry, i don't want to try this a third time, because it diggs very hardly, and the forces are high (dont want to destroy my nozzle) When i analyse the code i can see following: in lines above it is at position Z3.3 then the pause script starts and moves the head down to 1mm ---->>> G1 F300 Z1 then the scriptz elevates it to 15mm --->>> G1 F300 Z15 thereafter back to 3,5 G0 X144.47 Y126.99 Z3.5 (what would be alright. The code to move the head down to position 1mm is definitely wrong --- buggy script
  3. I insert a pause at height 17 (want the printer to make a break for a moment at this layer) reaching this layer the printhead hardly hits in the object and then pauses. It destroys the print by hitting it. i have to reset the printer. what am i doing wrong? see attached screenshot the cura settings for pause.
  4. Inserting a pause at height hits the object. can someone help me further.
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