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  1. Oh ok so thats better. True. I have to order first a test of my object. I am not really sure which printer I have to buy. I will going to print all my projects at home and the form2 is not a choice because of the resin. I have a 8months baby ? its to dangerous . Ok I will order my project first and will tell you if the accuracy is okay. Thank you all for the help. Very nice.
  2. Oh yes sry i forgot. It's " mm ". Wow ok that's very good. So this is printable. Which Ultimaker would you recommend me? The UM2+ or the UM3
  3. I want to buy a ultimaker but don't know if it's useful for my project . I have uploaded a PDF with a part of my project. It's very important to have this dimensions. So my question is if a ultimaker can print this. Also which settings do I have to put on cura to get a very good print? Thank you. Mechanic nach Tuorial-1.pdf
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